GRASS VALLEY, Calif. November 16, 2016 – Maude Pervere, award winning abstract photographer from the Bay Area, will focus her presentation to the Nevada County Camera Club on developing one’s own photographic style. “I am passionate about my work,” stated Pervere. “I’ll share what helped me discover and expand on my own style with the hope that it might help others discover theirs. What has been most important to my creative process has been working collaboratively with others – bouncing ideas off them, sharing our work for regular review.” Pervere’s photographs are filled with intensity – vibrant colors, strong lines and striking textures and include unusual themes such as painter’s pallets or scrap metal. Her presentation and striking photography will captivate and inspire both novice and experienced photographers.

blue triangles

Although Pervere started photography when young with a Brownie camera, she stopped shooting to make a living. Serving initially as public defender, she later taught at Hastings, UC Berkeley (Boalt) and Stanford Law Schools. “Once my kids went off to school, I picked up the camera again. When I retired, I got very serious about this,” she continued.

After retirement in 2005, Pervere’s list of shows, exhibits, and long term displays is impressive. Her many awards include: Best in Show; Award of Merit, and Awards of Excellence for her photographs at the Adobe Art Gallery and Photo Central in the Bay Area. Pervere has lived in the Bay Area for her whole life and the majority of her images were taken within 50 miles from home.

During the second half of the meeting, camera club members will showcase their photos for critique. Categories for submitted photos include: Black and White; Color; Nature-Landscapes; Nature – Wildlife; Travel; Technical; Photojournalism; People; Creative Interpretation; and the monthly feature, “Texture”.

Meeting: Monday, November 28, from 6:15 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley

Membership: The public is welcome and there is no cost for first time guests.

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