NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 30, 2017 – The Nevada County Cannabis Alliance released the first of a two-part survey Friday June 30, 2017 to collect data on the cannabis industry in Nevada County.

“Our hope is to create a picture of what the industry currently looks like here in Nevada County,” said Alliance Director Diana Gamzon. “We believe this data can help inform the process of writing a new ordinance.”

The survey will gather data about zoning, setbacks, garden sizes and the willingness of many farmers to comply with future state regulations or seek state licensing. The survey will also be able to aggregate data about cannabis cultivators demographics and spending habits. Gamzon said the success of any cultivation ordinance in the county should be measured by how many farmers are able to transition from the shadows into a regulated market. “It’s part of a bigger project to show the economic impact the cannabis industry has in our area,” Gamzon said. “Hopefully the county will be able to use this information as the baseline for cannabis policy.”

All answers will be kept under the utmost confidentiality. The Alliance will not request personal information.

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For more information contact Nevada County Cannabis Alliance Communications Director Maria Herrera at 530-264-7376 or visit