California is one of the few states that have empowered county grand juries with a civil watchdog function: responding to citizen complaints and initiating their own investigations of county and other local government agencies. The desired outcome of these investigations is the improvement of government effectiveness and efficiency and saving taxpayer dollars.  Learn about the constitution and function of the grand jury, how it helps to improve government, how it operates, and how citizens can apply to serve on the Nevada Grand Jury.

Presented by Loydyne Lane, President of the Nevada County Chapter, a subgroup of the California Grand Jury Association.

What is the Grand Jury? What is it charged to do? Why does it exist?

  • The History of the Grand Jury
  • The Grand Jury and the Law – Use of the Penal Code and other statutes
  • How does the Grand Jury do its work? What are the benefits to your County and County government?
  • Operational concepts: autonomy, confidentiality, the rule of 2, the rule of 12, continuity – a typical day in the life of a county grand jury.
  • The California Grand Jurors Association: What is it? What does it do?

Use this link to the Superior Court website to see the new 2022-2023 reports and to apply online for the Nevada County Civil Grand Jury at:

About Loydyne Lane

Loydyne Lane is President of the Nevada County Chapter, a subgroup of the California Grand Jury Association, that supports the recruiting and educational programs of the Nevada County Civil Grand Jury.  She has five years’ experience on the Nevada County Grand Jury as Foreperson Pro Tem (assistant Foreperson), Business Manager, and committee chairs.  Lane has an MBA, ten years’ experience in banking, 15 years’ experience as a Management Consultant with KPMG, and other national consulting firms, and extensive experience with public and non-profit organizations. Contact Loydyne at

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