The Nevada County Civil Grand Jury welcomes you to an informational orientation for those interested in serving on May 25th 2-4 p.m. at the Eric Rood Administrative Center, 950 Maidu Ave. in Nevada City.

Civil Grand Jury vs. Criminal Grand Jury – Do You Know the Difference?          

What every Nevada County resident should know: 

  • A civil grand jury is NOT the same as a criminal grand jury. It is a unique part of the Superior Court system made up of 19 county residents sworn in for a year, July 1st to June 30th
  • The Civil Grand Jury is “democracy’s watchdog” mandated by California State Penal Code, Section 900, to improve government and save taxpayer dollars. All 58 counties must have one. 
  • Civil Grand Jury service is a significant commitment (25+ hours per week). This includes four hours of committee meetings each week, two hours of plenary (full panel) meetings twice a month, and additional time in investigations, researching, and writing reports.  
  • Grand jury proceedings are secret, and jurors must maintain that confidentiality for life.  
  • Jurors attend meetings either in-person at the Rood Center in Nevada City or through video conferencing. Special arrangements are available for East County/Truckee area jurors who lack adequate wi-fi. 

Why Serve?  

Current Jurors and former Jurors were asked why they served:   

“I can finally make a real difference.” 

“I work with some very thoughtful individuals.” 

“I can create meaningful input for this community.” 

“I actually have the power to make change.” 

“It gives me the opportunity to think and write critically in developing the reports.” 

“This process keeps my aging brain sharp and focused.” 

“I enjoy the ongoing opportunity for intellectual and social engagement.” 

“The Grand Jury involvement eliminates my feeling of being powerless, since the Jury does have the potential to make real change.” 

“What the Jury does matters.” 

“It is the proactive way to bring positive change to your community versus protesting on the street!” 

“This process is a pure form of democracy. Everyone truly has one vote, no matter your positions on the jury, and nothing passes without a supermajority vote of 12 of the 19 members.” 

“Grand Jury work gives my life purpose again after retiring, and you know what they say about longevity and life purpose!” 

If this opportunity interests you and you want to be part of an important function of your local government, you can find additional information and apply online for the Nevada County Civil Grand Jury at: or call 530-265-1730