February 25, 2017 – Emergency Services​ Director Steve Monaghan declared a local emergency on February 22, 2017 as a result of the extreme weather, which caused wide spread damage throughout Nevada County. In accordance with the California Emergency Services Act Section 8630(b) the governing body must ratify the declared emergency within 7 days for it to remain in effect.

Additionally, the Director of Emergency Services must submit a request to the Board of Supervisors requesting the Governor to proclaim a State of Emergency for Nevada County and authorizing the release of California Disaster Assistant Act (CDAA) funding.

Tree on Marjon Way in Nevada City. Photo by reader Ken

The request for a Gubernatorial Proclamation must be submitted to the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services within 10 days of the local disaster event. This item will be on Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting agenda for the Board’s ratification.

The Town of Truckee and the City of Grass Valley declared local emergencies this week as well.