Nevada City, Calif. April 26, 2018 – The agenda for a special Board of Supervisors meeting on May 1st has been released. Only one item on the agenda: Review of draft ordinance and related issues regarding long-term cannabis cultivation regulations, and direction to staff.

The supporting documents, available here,  explain the draft ordinance included in the packet. Decisions and direction to staff included personal and commercial cultivation aspects of the draft ordinance.

For personal use, registration may be required – staff has proposed language to be debated by the supervisors: “All individuals desiring to Cultivate Cannabis for Personal Use must first register as Registered Cultivator with the Enforcing Officer and obtain proof of registration. Said proof of registration must be produced immediately upon request by the Enforcing Officer. Failure to register before Cultivating will be considered a violation of this Ordinance.

Limitations will be placed on the number of permits issued to persons or entities: “A maximum of 3 permits will be issued per person or entity for purpose of engaging in Commercial Cannabis Activities. No person or entity may have any financial interest in more than 3 Commercial Cannabis businesses and/or enterprises in Nevada County. To the extent ownership of a Commercial Cannabis business or enterprise includes an individual or entity with ownership interest in more than 3 sites in Nevada County, a permit will not be issued.

Cannabis may be Cultivated for Medical Purposes only.

The meetings at the Board of Supervisors will start at 9:00 am in the Board Chambers.

The draft ordinance can be downloaded here.