March 9, 2020 at 4:33 PM March 9, 2020 – The Nevada County Elections Office has released an interim update for the primary election held on March 3, 2020. On election night, voter turnout was 3.7.53% with 25,667 ballots counted. As of today, an additional 6,129 ballots have been counted, boosting voter turnout to 46.50%. An estimated 10,000 remaining ballots will be verified and counted by the end of the official canvass period on April 3rd.

Supervisor District 1

At this time, incumbent Heidi Hall is the clear front runner and has passed the 50% plus one vote threshold to win outright. This result is not final, it is an interim result.

Supervisor District 1Mail-in votesElection day votesEarly votesTotal%
Heidi Hall2,2102,0561154,38152.14%
Deborah Wilder1,266727302,02324.07%
Michael James Taylor1,228723481,99923.79%
Cast votes4,7043,5061938,403

Nevada City Council

Three seats are up for grabs in Nevada City. On election night, Douglass Fleming, Daniela Fernandez and Reinette Senum were the top vote-getters.

Nevada City City CouncilVote for 3Mail-in votesElection day votesEarly votesTotal%
Lorraine A. Reich222561429212.91%
Rick Ewald1623892099.24%
Daniela Fernandez3421232248721.54%
Douglass Fleming4461351759826.45%
Reinette Senum2751021839517.47%
David “Sparky” Parker221481128012.38%
Cast votes2,261

You can download the full update as a .pdf file here.