Matt Beauchamp, candidate for Nevada County District Attorney, has not met the requirements of Election Code Section 201, and is therefore not eligible to be elected Nevada County District Attorney.  Therefore, Matt Beauchamp will not be on the ballot for the June 7, 2022 Gubernatorial Statewide Direct Primary Election.

Lori Steele, candidate for Nevada County Sheriff, has declared to me, via a signed, written statement that she does not meet the requirements for Sheriff (See Government Code Section 24004.3).  By law, Lori Steele cannot withdraw as a candidate pursuant to Elections Code 8800.  However, by law, Lori Steele is not considered to be a legally qualified candidate for Nevada County Sheriff pursuant to Elections Code Section 13.5 (a)(1).  Therefore, Lori Steele will not be on the ballot for the June 7,2022 Gubernatorial Statewide Direct Primary Election.

Candidate Extended Filing Period- Pursuant to Elections Code Sections 8024 and 8168(b)(2)(A)-(D), a person shall have until 5:00 PM on March 16, 2022 to file nominations documents for the following offices:

  • United States Representative, District 3
  • State Senator, District 4
  • Nevada County Supervisor, District 3
  • Nevada County Assessor
  • Nevada County Auditor-Controller
  • Nevada County Clerk-Recorder