August 31, 2020 – The Nevada County Elections Office has published its draft plan for administering the November 2020 election during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan is available in English and Spanish. It is open for public comment until the close of business on September 8, 2020.

Nevada County’s Plan:

Contingency Plan for Infectious Disease and Pandemics, Supplement to 2020 Election Administration Plan

Nevada County’s Plan in Spanish:

Plan de Contingencia para Enfermedades Infecciosas y Pandemias, Suplemento al EAP 2020 Espanol

Supplemental Information:

Executive Order N-64-20

Executive Order N-67-20

Assembly Bill No. 860, Chapter 4

Senate Bill No. 423, Chapter 31

Election Administration Guidance under COVID-19, CA SOS

Submit your public comments with this link: we will post your comment on this page the next business day.