Nevada City, CA – Nevada County invites all residents and businesses to participate in a new survey that will assess high-speed internet (or “broadband”) availability and reliability across the County. The results of the survey will help the County prioritize new broadband projects, apply for funding, and advocate to elected officials and state regulators.

“We need a precise snapshot of internet access in Nevada County. We know there is a need out there. Now we are asking for the public’s help to get an accurate picture of where the gaps in service are,” says Board Chair Sue Hoek.

The survey, at, takes less than 5 minutes to fill out and is available in both English and Spanish. Respondents who have internet access will be prompted to test their internet speed and provide the results. Those with slow speeds or no available internet at all are especially encouraged to participate.

Those with no internet access are encouraged to take the survey from the library, a friend’s house, work, or school. They can also call the broadband hotline at (530) 562-4992 to respond over the phone.

County officials will provide the survey results in an online map that will not include specific addresses or personal information.

“We set a goal of at least 3,000 survey responses to really understand what’s going on, down to the street and the neighborhood. This is the kind of information that internet service providers will need to build new networks,” says Steve Monaghan, the County’s broadband lead and Chief Information Officer.

“It truly is a community effort. We hope every household and business will participate and help spread the word. This is the next step in attracting funding and prioritizing neighborhoods to get us all better connected,” adds District 1 Supervisor Heidi Hall.

The survey and dashboard are available online at ( Downloadable and printable flyers can be found online.

For additional assistance, please contact the broadband hotline (530) 562-4992 or visit your local Nevada County Library branch.