Nevada County Pets in Need (NCPIN) has been serving our most vulnerable pet community since 2014. The transition from physically providing pet food to providing vouchers for pet food has had its challenges. Over the past few months, the Board of Directors has closely examined the number of clients being served versus the rising cost of pet food and overhead costs.

Effective today, June 20, 2022, NCPIN will close the pet food voucher program. We are encouraging our clients to visit Interfaith Food Ministry (IFM) for their pet food needs. The Board of Directors will begin the process of moving toward becoming a foundation-based organization. Monies generated from our donors and our thrift store will continue to help fund other non-profit organizations that provide pet food.

We want to thank Incredible Pets for their partnership this last year and their generous contributions made towards our voucher program and to Interfaith Food Ministry for their assistance through this transition. To our generous donors, we send our sincere appreciation for continuing to support our mission, a mission that we continue to achieve, “Keeping Pets and Families Together.”

Through the generous Legacy Donation from our dear friend and former advisor, Robert Dilley, we will continue to evaluate “non-emergency” veterinary requests on an individual basis.

As we continue to work through the finite details, please keep an eye out for updates. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, visit our website and shop at the NCPIN Dollar Thrift Store. Our Thrift Store continues to thrive and provide a valuable service to our community, by providing quality items at an extremely affordable price. All revenue will continue to support pets in need through our new foundation-based organization.