January 8, 2021 – Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Community Members,

As we move into a new year, Nevada County schools are returning to distance learning on some sites, while others return to a hybrid in-person learning. Please contact your local school for specific information on their plans.

All staff and students are requested to maintain the COVID19 protocol established at each school site. This includes daily health checks (please stay home if you are sick), good hand hygiene, face coverings, and physical distancing. If you or your student has been exposed to COVID-19 or experience symptoms of it, please contact your school nurse or Administrator for testing, quarantine and isolation recommendations.

To help our schools achieve the goal of in-person learning, the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools office will start COVID testing of symptomatic school staff starting January 19th. This is to insure a timely return of testing results to allow staff back in the classroom. We have also increased our substitute teaching list in the last month to help with the substitute teacher shortage we have faced in Nevada County. We hope these two measures expedite a safe return to the classroom.

We wish you all a safe and healthy 2021.

Scott W. Lay Nevada County Superintendent of Schools