This week the Nevada County Department of Agriculture presented the 2021 Nevada County Annual Crop and Livestock Report to the Board of Supervisors. This annual report helps gauge the economic health and diversity of the agricultural community here in Nevada County. In 2021, the total gross value of agricultural products in Nevada County was $21,222,300. This represents an increase of approximately 8%.

 With Timber removed, our food crops saw an even higher increase of approximately 15% or nearly $2.62 million more compared to its 2020 value. This increase is largely a result of more harvested acres and higher value for vegetable crops.  

In addition to the traditional Annual Crop and Livestock Report, for the first time ever, the Nevada County Department of Agriculture prepared and presented a Cannabis Supplemental Report authorized under Senate Bill 657 (2019).  In the report, the Agriculture Department estimated the legally produced commercial cannabis crop to be valued at $12.4 million dollars. 

It should be noted that the values in both reports are gross values and do not attempt to measure farm profitability, value-added products, nor does it try to quantify the economic contributions to Nevada County. 

Review the 2021 Nevada County Crop and Livestock Report.

Review the 2021 Cannabis Supplemental Report

Please contact the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office at (530) 470-2690, or by email the Ag Department, if you have any questions.