Nevada County Sheriff Shannan Moon welcomed new Deputies, Correctional Officers, a new Dispatcher, a new Chief Fiscal Administrator to the team today and promoted a Correctional Officer to Sergeant. Family, friends, coworkers and County Supervisors attended the ceremony.

The ceremony started with the posting of the colors. Then, Sheriff Moon welcomed everyone present, saying how proud she is to serve this community where she grew up.

Her path, from starting as a correctional officer, then deputy and working for many years her way up the ranks in the organization, to being elected Sheriff twice is an example. Moon cited her father, who served the community for decades, including as Chief of Police for Nevada City and now enjoys his retirement, as her own example.

Sheriff Shannan Moon
Sheriff Shannan Moon

She reflected on the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, “On my honor, I will never betray my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will treat all individuals with dignity and respect and ensure that my actions are dedicated to ensuring the safety of my community and the preservation of human life. I will always have the courage to hold of myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of my community and the agency that I serve. In today’s day, that means a lot. In today’s day, when you see across the country not a lot of folks wanting to join the ranks of law enforcement. Recruitment issues across our state, across our regions, across the country, folks not wanting to serve. So look around. These are the folks deciding to join our organization, whether as a brand new employee or as a lateral after serving another community and the staff that we have in our office. I commend them. We have some amazing men and women that truly do understand what it means to serve a community, bring that service above self that we need in order to gain the trust of the community, gain the trust of our coworkers… So part of this ceremony is about recognizing and celebrating with the family to come into this into street, but it’s also a chance for your parents to see us and who we are and how we show up in service. There’s one thing that I definitely always want to make sure with our staff is that every single contact you make in an opportunity.”

After the official recognition and badge pinning, the new Correctional Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies took the oath of office, administered by their Sheriff.

The oath of office ceremony

Welcome to Sheriff Dispatcher Rebecca Marshall, Correctional Officers Christian Starner, Bradley Salbashian, Clint Fillyaw and Bryn Connor, Sheriff Deputies Braeden Ross, Justin Johnson and Matthew Waite-McGough, Chief Fiscal / Administrative Officer Georgette Aronow. Congratulations on the promotion to Correctional Sergeant, Britt Broadhurst.