NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 6, 2018 – With 16,346 ballots counted on election night Shannan Moon is in the lead with 5,410 votes ahead of Bill Smethers’ 5,207 votes.  John Foster is in third place with 4,673 votes.

While the sample size is small, 24.03% out of 68,023 registered voters, Moon was the consistent top vote-getter on June 5th.

Mail-in ballots received before election day and processed at the close of polls had Moon in first place with 4,770 votes. Smethers tallied 4,676 and Foster trailed at 4,076.

Early voting by residents preferring to vote in person at one of the county’s vote centers ahead of Election Day added another 99 votes to Moon’s total. Smethers garnered 97 more votes and Foster added 85 votes.

Election day voters also voted for Moon, their 541 votes brought her total number to 5,410 for 35.38% of votes counted.

Out of the 16,346 votes tallied, 1,054 did not vote for any candidate (undervotes) and 3 voters cast a vote for more than one candidate (overvotes.)