February 19, 2021 – Nevada County Sunrise is sponsoring the Youth Recruitment Conference Over the span of three days, February 26-28, there will be a wide variety of speakers targeted to high schoolers and young people to involve you in their local programs.

Climate change is an increasingly noticeable threat to our daily life. We are a group of teenagers who have come face to face with the fires, floods and pollution and have decided to do something about it. Nevada County Sunrise was born out of a desire for a beautiful, livable future. This is the local branch of the nation-wide Sunrise Movement, who’s mission is to combat climate change through an infrastructure deal that will revitalize the American economy and propel us into the innovative, green society we have the potential to be. Our goal is to educate and inspire the community to adopt sustainable practices at home and to be the people power it takes to make a healthy climate a priority on all legislative levels.

It’s been a wild year. Becoming disconnected from everyday life so suddenly was jarring for all of us, but it hit youth particularly hard. The inability to connect with people around us can cause us to feel isolated and alone, something that no one wants, especially going into a new year! It is hard enough to make connections and find who you are without impending crises surrounding you, and the new way of life we have all barely settled into is just that– a crisis. We may normalize it to a certain extent to keep ourselves sane, but this is not normal.

As a small group of enthusiastic students, we–Nevada County Sunrise–felt a certain need to build friendships among our peers, and give them an opportunity to reconnect with old passions, and find new ones.

In this spirit, we decided to host a virtual, weekend long conference the last weekend of February. This conference will host organizations looking for youth involvement, including activism organizations, service organizations, and art and athletic focused groups. Our goal is to bring every organization that teenagers would be interested in to one place, so they can learn about everything Nevada County has to offer and browse to find an organization that they may want to join in these times of distanced living (and hopefully continue on with long after!)

Each organization will have a 45 minute time slot to make their pitch to you. Every slot will start on the hour, with a 15 minute break between each speaker’s slot, because we are all sick of 5 hour days on zoom by this point! You may browse the program and find which organizations intrigue you. We only expect you to show up for the slot of those speakers, but they will all use the same link. You will need to register in advance to access that zoom link. Visit our website nevadacountysunrise.org/events to register and learn more.