Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (NCSOS) successfully kicked off, in-person, the first Academic Tournament of the 2022- 2023 school year!  Five local schools participated on Thursday, October 27th for the annual 7th grade Geography Tournament.  Schools nominated teams of three-students who gathered at the county office to collaborate on a proctored multiple choice 100 -point test covering local, state, U.S., and world geography. The tests were then scored by the Geography Tournament Committee and the winners were recognized.

Following the team tournament, was the Individual Geography Bee, where each school selected one student to represent them in a triple elimination format competition. It was a close match as the competition was fierce!

Congratulations to the winning teams:

Magnolia -1st place (Andrew Johnston, Carsten Duffey, Grace Trevethick)

Seven Hills – 2nd place (Clay Rodgers, Margauz Prouty, Oscar Thomas)

Ready Springs – 3rd place (Aiden Pollock, Donovan Xander Stahlman, Tyden Shupe)

Team Photo of Magnolia (Left to Right) Andrew Johnston, Grace Trevethick, Carsten Duffey

Individual Geography Bee winners:

Individual Geography Bee winners:

Oscar Thomas from Seven Hills – 1st place

Andrew Johnston from Magnolia – 2nd place

Cody Ficarra from Nevada City School of the Arts – 3rd place
Tyden Shupe from Ready Springs – 3rd place

(Left to Right) Andrew Johnston(2nd place individual winner) and Oscar Thomas (1st place individual winner)

Special thanks to KNN Wealth Management Group at Stifel for sponsoring this year’s NCSOS Academic Tournaments. KNN has been a valued supporter of the academic tournaments and their continued contribution has been a blessing to the students of Nevada county.