Nevada City, CA – On Tuesday, August 9th, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors will consider whether to place a “Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Services and Disaster Readiness” measure on the November 8th, 2022, General Election ballot. The purpose of the measure would be to save lives, reduce the threat of wildfires, and improve all-hazards disaster readiness and evacuation safety.

The proposed measure would establish a ½ cent countywide sales tax that would apply to both residents and visitors. The tax is expected to generate approximately $12,000,000 annually to fund critical emergency services. A 4/5 affirmative vote is required by the Board to place the measure on the ballot. Once placed, the measure would go to Nevada County voters for approval.

Responsive to Community Concerns

The measure is being proposed in response to ongoing community concerns about safety in the face of more frequent and more destructive wildfires, power shutoffs, last year’s devastating winter storm, and other emergency events.

Residents have requested the County take action to implement their priorities, such as:

  • Help prevent wildfires by removing flammable brush countywide from along our roads in our neighborhoods, around our cities and town, and near critical public infrastructure.
  • Improve evacuation routes to get residents out safely and quickly, and first responders in during an emergency.
  • Enhance emergency communications, early warning, and 911 response to quickly notify residents during a natural disaster.
  • Improve enforcement of fire safety laws and illegal campfires that increase the threat of wildfires countywide.
  • Help low-income seniors and people with disabilities maintain defensible space around their homes.
  • Provide free year-round green waste disposal and drop-off sites.

County staff has been working closely with stakeholders, including city and town managers and fire officials, to identify and prioritize critical safety needs and outline plans for how tax revenue would be spent.

If the measure is passed by voters, the County would create a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to recommend funding priorities as part of the County’s annual budget cycle. The TAC membership would have broad representation from both eastern and western county, including city and town managers, fire and law enforcement representatives, senior county staff, and nonprofit and community leaders.

Transparency and Accountability

To ensure accountability and transparency, the Board of Supervisors would appoint a Citizens Oversight Committee consisting of seven volunteer community members, with one member from each Supervisorial district and two at-large members. The Citizens Oversight Committee’s roles and responsibilities would include reporting on the receipt of sales tax, on the allocations of funds per the expenditure plan, and the findings of annual audits.

Learn more about the proposed “Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Services and Disaster Readiness” measure at

How to Participate

The proposed measure will be considered by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, August 9th, at 1:30 pm at the Eric Rood Center. Go to to view the meeting agenda.

Letters to the Board should be emailed no later than Friday, August 5th to Community members can provide public comment in person in the Board Chambers or by phone at 530-270-3474. A public comment kiosk will also be available at the Truckee Town Hall in the Prosser conference room.