Grass Valley, CA April 13, 2018 – Augmented Reality (AR) is the next wave of mobile computing. Learn about this emerging technology at this month’s TechTonic event. TechTonic will take place at 5:30pm on Tuesday, April 17 at the Nevada County Tech Hub at 104 New Mohawk Road in Nevada City.

The Nevada County Tech Connection (NCTC) TechTonic event is a free monthly networking event that features industry experts speaking on a variety of provocative technology and business topics. Local tech talent, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, and other members of the Nevada County community show up regularly to learn and network at this lively monthly event. TechTonic brings some of the most experienced and accomplished speakers in tech and business to Nevada County.

On April 17 Augmntr co-founders Lafe Redd (CEO) and Alex Pavloff (CTO) will talk about the market potential for augmented reality in the context of different industry applications like surveying, construction, law enforcement, and DOD. Imagine if air traffic controllers could see all the planes in the region, accurately positioned on a real-time 3D overlay of the air space and the land beneath. In addition, they would have instant access to data like owner, flight number, and elevation. This is one example of AR at its most useful, and it’s the technology that Augmntr, a start-up specializing in AR and VR technologies that interact with complex data sets, is creating right here in Nevada City. Redd and Pavloff will demonstrate some real-world AR use cases and discuss the social challenges inherent with this technology, design considerations, and development skills you need to program AR. If you’ve ever been curious about AR and how it might impact your life, your community, and your work, this event is for you!

Redd and Pavloff have over 37 years of combined experience including 12 working together at other organizations—so they know how to get things done as a team. Previously, they specialized in working with airborne camera systems with similar characteristics to head-worn Augmented Reality devices. Professionals and families are welcome at TechTonic, as well as children who require minimal supervision. Food and drinks will be provided. A donation of $5-$15 would be appreciated, but is not required. RSVP for the event on Facebook.

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