Nevada City, CA December 26, 2018—The Nevada County Tech Connection (NCTC) is proud to announce its free Global Game Jam Event, which will take place January 25–27 at the NC Tech Hub, 104 New Mohawk Road in Nevada City.

The forty-eight-hour “jam” is dedicated to meeting new people and developing a game together. This annual event takes place around the world, and the goal is to assemble a team and create a game together within the 48-hour time limit. Experience with game development is not essential—Global Game Jam is fun and for people of all experience levels.

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a gathering of programmers, artists, writers, and creatives of all types and ages. Celebrate games by spending forty-eight hours building a concept for a game, planing its development, pulling a team together, and then creating it. The games are diverse and include but are not limited to video games.

For beginners, the GGJ is a great way to introduce yourself to game development and teamwork. For the professionals or hobbyists, it’s a great way to keep skills sharp, meet people, or try new positions in a team.

For experienced developers, you can find new ways to prioritize your work and learn to let go of problematic mechanics before they lag your schedule. GGJ is terrific for getting better at identifying mechanics that, while fun, delay your schedule without improving the game.

Network with other developers, make new friends, and expand your skill set into new areas.

This is a non-competitive event, so there is absolutely no pressure. In fact, many games are hardly functional at the end of the weekend; the point is to have a blast, network, and to learn. Gerritt Dorland, software engineer and one of our returning hosts for this year’s event, has only ever had three “finished” games out of five years of participating. According to him, the GGJ is definitively for fun and to build experience.

For more info and to register, please visit NCTC is working to create a culture of innovation, creativity, and global problem solving that supports a diverse economy and a sustainable future for those who choose to live in Nevada County. We provide events, education, training, coaching, networking, and mentoring opportunities for Nevada County’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the broader community. Working together to support, connect, and showcase the technology ecosystem in Nevada County, NCTC is committed to making technology more approachable and useful to the community, and to helping tech businesses thrive in Nevada County. For more information, visit the NCTC website at