Nevada City, CA—The Nevada County Office of Emergency Services (OES) is hosting four virtual Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) Lunch & Learns this month and the public is invited to join. The Lunch & Learns will be the first set of community workshops that support the CWPP update. These meetings will be hour-long workshops hosted online from 12PM to 1PM, organized geographically by Forecast Zones.

CWPP Forecast Zones
CWPP Forecast Zones

Nevada County ranges from 1,000-7,000+ feet of elevation above sea level. To serve the unique needs of the communities residing in these varied landscapes, forecast zones were developed based on fire environment and community identity. These zones will help planners more acutely understand the differences in fire hazards across the County and identify zone-specific wildfire risk reduction opportunities.

During each Lunch & Learn, OES will review initial results from the Nevada County wildfire hazard analysis and public survey, as well as provide opportunities for community engagement.

“Public participation is an essential component of creating a CWPP as it will allow us to create a document that is truly community-oriented,” said Alessandra Zambrano, Nevada County Wildfire Coordinator. “This will mean that we are not only centralizing wildfire mitigation around where fire science recommends but also prioritizing protecting the things that make Nevada County home.”

CWPP Lunch and Learn Flyer

Community Wildfire Protection Plan Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshops by Forecast Zone

These meetings are free and open to Firewise Community members, local non-profit leaders working in the fire mitigation and forest health arenas, land and resource managers, and all those interested in observing and shaping the update to the Nevada County CWPP.

Register for a Lunch & Learn workshop and find your Forecast Zone at:

CWPP Survey Closes August 31st

There is still time to take the CWPP survey. Provide your feedback on wildfire resilience and mitigation priorities by taking the CWPP survey here.

Community Wildfire Protection Plans

CWPPs are collaboratively developed planning documents that identify local solutions to wildland fire management. CWPPs identify and prioritize areas for hazardous fuels reduction treatments, address community preparedness, and recommend actions homeowners and communities can take to reduce structure ignitability. In other words, these plans allow communities to prioritize the places and resources that are most important and take steps to protect what is valued most.