NEVADA CITY Calif. April 16, 2018 – On Friday afternoon, community members gathered for the annual Nevada County Victim Witness Candlelight Vigil.

According to Victim Advocate Pamela McGirr, “National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is an annual event held in April to promote victims’ rights and honor victims of crime. April 8, 2018 through April 15, 2018 is the week chosen for this year’s events. Communities throughout the nation come together during events in their area to remember and support local victims of crime.  Each year a theme is chosen for the national event which represents an aspect of victim recovery. This year’s theme is “Expand The Circle, Reach All Victims.” In addition, we would also like to recognize and honor all our law enforcement officers for their dedication to serving victims of crime.”

About the  Nevada County Victim Witness Program and services:

Nevada County Victim Witness Assistance Center is a program that assists victims of crime.    It is our mission:  “To reduce the trauma and insensitive treatment that victims and witnesses may experience in the wake of a crime by providing the mandated statutory services, as well as other comprehensive service interventions, to ensure that victims and witnesses who become involved in the criminal justice system are not further victimized by the system.” (Chapter 4, Article 2, Section 13835 of the California Penal Code)

We educate victims about their Constitutional Rights, Marsy’s Rights and the justice system;  keep victims informed about their case(s); Provide crisis intervention; Advise victims and make referrals to community agencies and programs; Assist victims in applying for Victim Compensation funds; Instruct victims and assist them in writing victim impact statements to the court; Provide court advocacy; and conduct County wide educational/training seminars.