Many Nevada County families have heard or read about the national infant formula shortage. The shortage has resulted from supply chain issues and a recall of infant formula due to bacterial contamination at the Abbot manufacturing plant in Michigan. Nationwide, the shortage affects hundreds of thousands of infants and toddlers who need formula for medical needs. Families are encouraged to continue checking lot numbers for the recalled formula.

Locally, the Nevada County Public Health Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program is closely monitoring the availability of local infant formula and has been able to direct inquiring families to local grocers with inventory. WIC and Public Health nursing staff are also working directly with families to meet unique needs. The most impacted families are those with infants in need of specialty, premature, and other therapeutic formulas. These families are encouraged to work with their health care providers and may also call WIC directly at (530) 265-1454.

General guidance for families encountering a shortage of their infant formula:

  1. Contact your health care provider to see if they have any samples or can suggest a similar formula more readily available.
  2. Do not water down formula or try to make formula at home or use toddler formula to feed young infants; check with the American Academy of Pediatrics or your health care provider if you run out.
  3. Enroll in WIC. To see if your family is eligible, check here or call (530) 265-1454.
  4. Don’t discard formula unless it is expired or part of the recall; otherwise donate unopened and unexpired formula to the local food bank.
  5. If already breastfeeding, continue and maintain your supply with the support of a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and, if possible, consider donating to the Mothers Milk Bank in San Jose, which supplies local hospitals.

WIC is an equal opportunity provider.