Graduation photo from upper left to right are Laurie Kelly, Frank Lang, Jerrod Hayden
second row left to right are Marty Creel, Cecily Mincey, Judy Stead, William Scott,
and third row from left to right, Baily Miller and Dylan Martinelli.
Not pictured are Robert Baker and Greg Ziegler.

March 31, 2020 – Sierra County Adult Schools announces the graduation of 9 EMT students on Saturday, March 28th after completing 136 hours of academics and skills training as well as 24 hours of clinical training at Enloe Medical Center. Graduates are now eligible for the National Registry EMT Certification Exam. The Course was taught by Frank Lang, NP, JD and Marty Creel, Paramedic.

The EMT Course is accredited by Nor-Cal EMS and sponsored by the Sierra County Adult Schools, Downieville Fire Protection District as well as the Sierra Frontier Medical Resources. The Course was compromised by the COVID-19 Infection for the last two weeks but we were able to finish it on Zoom.

Emergency Medical Training Programs are part of the Sierra Frontier Medical Resources program to enhance Emergency Medical Services in western Sierra County. The EMT Training Programs will become part of the recently formed Sierra County Adult Education Program

The graduates include: Robert Baker, Downieville; Jerrod Hayden, North San Juan; Laurie Kelly, Downieville; Dylan Martinelli, Downieville; Cecily Mincey, Oregon House; Judy Stead, North San Juan; William Scott, North San Juan, Bailey Miller, Sierra City, and Greg Ziegler, Downieville.