SAN JUAN RIDGE, Calif. October 8, 2020 – Enjoy some quiet time with the photographs and journal entries from former Nevada County resident, Michael Christopher Black.

Enjoy art and journal entries from Michael Christopher Black’s travels in India at North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, by appointment through December 2, 2020.

Over 40 of his favorite images from his travels in India have been meticulously reproduced and hand-picked by family members for this very special memorial exhibit. These photographs were taken in the high Himalayas near the Nepalese border on one of Black’s trips to India in 2018. The displayed photographs were taken with a vintage Rolleiflex camera and are both color and black and white.

Michael traveled through the U.S., Mexico, India, Australia, Turkey, and many other places in Europe taking photographs and inspiring many wherever he went. He is remembered for his strong sense of justice and equality and was a mentor himself to many.

WHAT: Michael C. Black Photographs of India

WHEN: October 10th through December 2nd, 2020

WHERE: North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center

RESERVE: Reserve your spot for viewing these amazing photographs

Contact Molly at (530) 265-2826, or email

No charge for admission to this exhibit

Prints are available for sale at the exhibit and also online at  

Michael was a peaceful warrior who traveled the world and tried to make a difference in people’s lives. He helped many and enjoyed his time in the Sierra Nevada foothills, including North San Juan, Nevada City and Yuba County. Michael Christopher Black — 1989-2019