November 7, 2016 – The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce the launch of two new community access websites for news and information. The first site is the Nevada County Sheriff’s new marijuana cultivation site. This site was developed to allow the community to research marijuana growing regulations in their neighborhood as well as giving a direct link to the codes governing marijuana cultivation. In addition, you can access the county mapping software for a quick glimpse into areas that allow cultivation and those where cultivation is restricted. You should always refer to the county codes for the specifics of the growing regulation in your area/parcel. The site can be accessed through our home website: and clicking the marijuana cultivation link or directly to the site:

The second site being launched is the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office official Facebook page. This page will allow the public to keep up with breaking news, press releases, and an inside look into the operation and day to day life at the Sheriff’s Office. Our Facebook page can be found by searching for Nevada County Sheriff’s Office or by going directly to the site: