GRASS VALLEY, Calif. May 1, 2018 – During the 2nd week in May, Law Enforcement officers from the California Highway Patrol, Grass Valley Police Department, and the Nevada City Police Department will be increasing patrols looking for drivers who fail to stop for school buses as the students are entering and exiting the bus.

Our goal is to raise awareness to improve compliance, reduce the number of violators and increase the safety of the children as they enter and exit the bus. In order to accomplish this goal we want to take the opportunity to educate motorists on the law and the dangers of not obeying the flashing red lights and stop sign. The consequences of failing to obey the law can include serious injury to a student, citation, fine, and points on the motorist’s driver’s license. Additional goals are to educate the school bus drivers on proper stopping procedures as well as the law and educate the school bus passengers on how to enter and exit the bus safely.

All States require traffic traveling in both directions to stop on undivided highways when students are getting on and off the bus. The school bus driver will activate the flashing yellow lights to indicate the school bus is preparing to stop in order to load and unload students. At this point, motorists should slow down and prepare to stop. The school bus driver will then activate the flashing red lights and extend the stop arm to indicate the school bus has stopped and students will be getting on and off. At this point motorists are required to stop.

Remember: “Stay alert so kids don’t get hurt.”