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Grass Valley May 23, 2017 – Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors meetings are now available on the NID website. Audio recordings, beginning with the January 11, 2017 meeting, are indexed, allowing Agenda items to be bookmarked and accessed easily and quickly. The new policy aligns with NID’s dedication to excellence and transparent public engagement.

Audio recordings of District Board meetings are now considered the official record of the District and may be downloaded by the public. The District will maintain the recordings, which will be available on the website for five years and thereafter upon request.

Action Minutes will also be available on the website. They will include any action taken by the Board or any action the Board directs be taken by the General Manager. The specific action taken, the recommendation, and the voting record on each item will be included in the Action Minutes.

The NID Board of Directors adopted the resolution to amend and revise administrative policies pertaining to providing audio recordings of District Board meetings on May 10, 2017.

Audio recordings can be accessed on the NID website at

For questions or issues with access to recordings, please contact NID Board Secretary, Kris Stepanian at