GRASS VALLEY, Calif. November 11, 2016 – Directors of the Nevada Irrigation District on Wednesday (Nov. 9) adopted a 2017 combined annual budget of $82.6 million, up from the current year budget of $74.5 million

The combined annual budget includes separate Water, Electric and Recreation division operating and capital budgets. District officials say they are seeking to balance revenues with expenses in a Water Division that is now subsidized by electric revenues and reserve withdrawals.

The budget includes a previously-approved 6 percent water rate increase for all district customers. Finance Manager Marvin Davis said a typical treated water customer using a 5/8-inch water meter would pay $66.14 in base rate and usage charges for the two-month billing period, up from the current $62.39.

Davis said the rates compare favorably to other rates around the region. He said the district has made significant efforts to control costs and maintain fair rates while providing good service during revenue reductions of the recent drought years.