I, Director Chris Bierwagen, am excited to announce that I am running for a second term! It is an honor to serve and work with the NID community. Working together these past 3 ½ years we have accomplished much, but there is much more to do. That is why I am running for reelection and asking for your support in November.

My great grandfather moved to Nevada County in 1901 where we established the Bierwagen Farm. I grew up watching my father serve as NID director for 25 years from 1977-2002. As a lifelong farmer, my knowledge of water flows deep. Water is out community’s lifeline: serving as the backbone of local Ag, maintaining our quality of life and ensuring our wildlife habitat. Protecting our community’s water has always been my top priority and that is why I am so invested in the future of NID. I will never stop fighting for and protecting our community’s water!

NID is engaged in a long term planning process and I look forward to continue working for the long term sustainability of the District. Most of NID’s Hydroelectric permits are in the process of being renewed. The FERC relicensing process is very complex and costly. NID’s Hydro Division generates enough electricity for 60,000 homes and brings in 23 million dollars annually. Hydroelectricity is a clean source of energy and we are fortunate to have it. 

I will continue to work to secure and protect reliable sources of water by developing additional water supplies and defending our water rights! NID has many projects that develop additional water supplies while at the same time protect our watershed. These include meadow restoration, reforestation and conservation.

Fire is also constant threat in our community. That is why we are working with the Nevada County Fire Council to make Nevada County safer. It is still early, but we think that there are 5 projects on which we can collaborate on that will make a significant difference.

“Chris is widely respected and well liked. That is why we elected him to an unprecedented second term as Board President. Chris will continue to do what is best for the customers of NID.” says Division 5 Director Rich Johansen.

I ask for your vote and support for NID Division 2 in the upcoming election in November!

Sincerely your Neighbor,

Chris Bierwagen