August 16, 2017 – The Nevada Irrigation District is installing exclusion fencing across the top of and along the edge of the Scott’s Flat spillway. In recent months, NID has experienced increased public safety concerns in and around the spillway, including illegal camping sites in the spillway, unsafe campfire remains throughout the area, excessive trash and debris remnants from use, and other access and operational concerns surrounding dam safety.

In addition, NID has experienced increased vandalism to timber operator equipment and illegal vehicle travel from Pasquale Road to the reservoir.

NID has had open access across Scott’s Flat spillway for years, and regrets that the actions of the few violators impede the enjoyment of many.

In addition to the fencing of the spillway and closure of illegal roads off Pasquale, NID will continue to monitor security cameras to ensure the safety of the dam, spillway, powerhouse and surrounding area.

The protection and safety of the public and our resources are essential to the District and the community at large.