May 9, 2019 – Nevada Irrigation District is closer to hiring an independent firm to develop a comprehensive public outreach strategy for the Raw Water Master Plan update, the latest effort by the water district to ensure an open and transparent process.

The NID Board of Directors will deliberate on a Request for Proposal (RFP) to seek a qualified firm during its meeting on May 22.

“The committee has been working closely with the public to draft an RFP that will attract qualified firms to provide an effective and successful outreach effort for the Raw Water Master Plan update,” said Remleh Scherzinger, General Manager of NID. “We want to encourage public involvement and conduct a transparent decision-making process.”

The Raw Water Master Plan update develops a range of potential scenarios for the Board to consider when determining the best ways to meet the community’s demand for water over the next 50 years while weighing the impact on NID, the community, and the environment.

“The Raw Water Master Plan update is critical for the community, and will have a far-reaching and long-lasting effect on the region for generations,” Scherzinger said. “We appreciate and welcome the community’s input, and are looking forward to reviewing proposals for public outreach.”

The Water and Hydroelectric Committee – which includes Directors Chris Bierwagen and Ricki Heck – made changes to the original RFP in order to meet requests from community members. The draft RFP details desired outcomes but also encourages industry experts to provide alternatives and different viewpoints to help develop the process.

NID officials hope numerous firms will apply for the RFP, and provide a wide range of approaches for public engagement regarding the Raw Water Master Plan update.

The Water and Hydroelectric Committee’s recommendation to hire an independent firm and making changes to the RFP is the latest of discussions and meetings related to the Raw Water Master Plan update during the past several months.

In January, the Board of Directors chose to define a community outreach process for the Raw Water Master Plan update that is more cost effective and more efficient than the previously selected model.

NID’s dedication to maximizing community involvement while minimizing costs associated with the Raw Water Master Plan is at the forefront of this project.