This presentation will update you on the most current local, state and federal cannabis laws, including a deep dive into the current state of California’s cannabis market, an analysis of the blamed “causes” for the state of the market and opportunities for shaping the market in the future. In addition to a brief review of the applicable law for cannabis production and distribution, Heather’s presentation will also include a review of the intellectual property avenues available to craft and traditional agricultural producers, strategies for buying and selling farms and other cannabis businesses, and other hot topics.  

About Heather Burke

Heather is the founder of Heather L. Burke, P.C., where her practice focuses on legal issues affecting northern California cultivators, which include an increasing focus on intellectual property, real estate and estate planning matters. 

Graduating from Humboldt State University in 2005, Heather has consistently set new legal precedent in California cannabis law. She was instrumental in the seminal California cannabis case, People v. Jovan Jackson, which established the rule that large-scale collectives and cooperatives may operate lawfully in California. She also co-drafted a proposed initiative for California cannabis legalization in 2016, entitled “The California Craft Cannabis Initiative,” and drafted the legal pleadings that resulted in a five-day evidentiary hearing regarding cannabis’ Schedule I status in U.S. v. Pickard in the United States District Court, Eastern District of California.

In November of 2018, Heather was featured in MG Retailer’s article, “30 Powerful Cannabis Attorneys You Should Know.”  In 2015, she was awarded NORML’s John Mark Flowers Scholar and was named one of Skunk Magazine’s Women of Weed. In 2017, the Nevada County Cannabis Cup named Heather “Attorney of the Year.”  In addition to her vibrant law practice, Heather is a regular speaker and panelist at cannabis conferences throughout California.  She pens a popular blog about legal issues affecting cannabis growers.  

To Register Please send check for $15, payable to Nevada County Law Library, and send to Nevada County Law Library, 201 Church Street, Suite 9, Nevada City, CA  95959.  We will confirm your registration with the Zoom link and hand-outs. Please contact the Law Librarian with any questions at  or at 530-362-5329.

Noon Time Legal Seminar (via Zoom), Tuesday, February 15, 2022
12:00-1:00 p.m. — $15 Registration Fee
Presented by the Nevada County Law Library
Hot Topics in 2022 on California Cannabis