NEVADA CITY, Calif. October 31, 2016 – Monthly Noontime Legal Seminars are designed for the lay person, as well as for the practicing attorney. Attorneys receive MCLE credit (Minimum Continuing Legal Education). To enroll, please call 530-265-7161 or email The cost is $15 for non-attorneys and $30 for attorneys. We prefer cash or check, but credit card will be accepted. Please arrive at the Law Library, first floor, to sign in and register by 11:40 am.

Stephen C. Haas, Attorney

Mr. Haas was admitted to practice in December of 1972, where he had a general civil practice in Orange County. In 1991, he and his family relocated to Nevada County, where his practice focused on real estate, estate planning, small business disputes, and litigation. He currently practices at The Haas Law Corporation with his lawyer son, Matthew H. Haas. Over the course of his 44 years of practicing law, Mr. Haas has handled numerous disputes involving easements, road associations, and conflicts that have arisen out of CC&Rs.

Course Outline

What are easements? How are they created? How are they lost? What rights do they give you? Do they burden your property? What are your obligations? What are road associations and how do they differ from simply owning an easement that is not controlled by such an arrangement? The following topics would be discussed at the seminar, among others.

1. Easements

2. Dominant Tenement

3. Servient Tenement

4. Express Easement

5. Implied Easement

6. Easement by Necessity

7. Road Agreement and Road Associations

8. Declaration of Restrictions or CC&Rs

9. “Running with the Land”

Noontime Legal Seminar

Tuesday November 15, 2016, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Nevada County Superior Court, 1st Floor, 201 Church Street, Nevada City