The Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) invites you to participate in an online public workshop (via Zoom) on Thursday, May 20th from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM to gather public comment on recommendations for Transit Service and Mobility/Accessibility improvements in western and eastern Nevada County/Truckee. These recommendations stem from the ongoing planning efforts to update both the Western Nevada County Transportation Development Plan and the Nevada County Coordinated Public Transit – Human Service Transportation Plan.  These planning efforts are being conducted by NCTC and the transportation consulting firm WSP in coordination with Nevada County Transit Services, and the Town of Truckee.

For the Transit Development Plan the consultant has completed an analysis of existing demographics and economic conditions of the region as it relates to the need for public transit services, an evaluation of existing transit services, conducted online surveys, and has developed draft service recommendations that focus on enhancing existing services, as well as meeting identified transit needs that are sustainable.

For the Nevada County Coordinated Public Transit – Human Service Transportation Plan Update the consultant has collected data regarding the public transportation options, human services transportation services, and private transportation options in western and eastern Nevada County. WSP has also documented the transit needs and gaps in service based on the review of demographic and economic data, unmet transit needs data, and input from stakeholder interviews, input collected via online surveys, as well as an online public workshop, and has prepared draft strategies directed at meeting the identified transit needs.

We strongly encourage our internal and external partners, customers and any interested parties to attend this public workshop and give us feedback on the proposed recommendations. This is your chance to shape how transit services will look in Nevada County in the near future.

Information on how to participate:

Join the meeting online or by phone: Online: Go to   Select:  Join a Meeting  Enter WebID:  862 6496 0031  Enter Passcode:  a61p59

By Phone: Call 1 (669) 900-6833   Enter ID:  862 6496 0031  Enter Passcode:  320324

If you cannot attend, please provide comments to