October 29, 2020 – We all have backgrounds that inform and influence our assorted adventures. Each of ours is important in its own way. But will that play into a familiar and comfortable approach to whatever issue is at hand, or will your experiences allow for something new? (For example, my history includes 8 years on the Council, and what I learned in those years steered me to urge you to vote for Amy Cobden.)

Fresh ideas and an open, smart, and creative mind are essential these days, more so than ever. Sometimes the ideas will be good ones – hopefully useful. Other times, may be less so, but still worthwhile enough to start a good conversation. With the unexpected challenges facing the city now, the value of new ideas is particularly valuable, and, in my opinion, necessary.

The familiar tension in Nevada City has been between a sometimes rigid protection of the historic and careful protection of the history and charm of our city and a sometimes overzealous urge to embrace change. But, for the most part, the threats and challenges now aren’t those the city faced in the 70s. The heavy lifting to preserve Nevada City was done by the likes of Paul Matson, Pat Dyer, Lori Oberholtzer, and so many others years ago. We owe a great deal to their longterm vision and dedication. But the ‘look and feel’ isn’t really at risk now.

The Council should embrace both traditional and new ways of thinking about issues that it will encounter in its work, and key to being a successful council member, for me is learning to ask the right kinds of questions, to take in and analyze the relevant facts to see well-reasoned conclusions. Even if those conclusions aren’t all the “right” ones, that information and good conversations will help the group find good solutions.

It’s also the right time to add a younger voice to the Council. Past time, really. Amy will come to the council with clear eyes and an open mind, with no allegiance to any particular viewpoint. She has the strength to both listen and advocate effectively for the near and long term heath of the city.

I’ve known Amy for a long time and I can confidently say that this is Amy.

Robert Bergman