NEVADA CITY, Calif. September 4, 2017 – The Nevada County Board of Supervisors (BOS) will hold a joint meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 5th, with the Community Advisory Group (CAG) tasked to make recommendation for a permanent cannabis cultivation ordinance for Nevada County. A new element will be introduced at that meeting, partial survey results as related to cannabis from the National Research Center (NRC) survey commissioned and paid for by Nevada County.

Sparse data available on the survey

The cannabis-related questions were added onto a broader set of questions about quality of life in Nevada County because cannabis is a top priority of the BOS, according to Interim Assistant CEO Mali Dyck.

The survey presentation, available on the county’s website, is sparse on details. The only data presented lists a “Scientific sample of 1,800 households. 545 returned surveys; 32% response with a ±4% margin of error.”  Nevada County has 40,993 households, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates published in July 2016.

The questions used by NRC are not listed in the presentation, neither is the survey methodology or the geographic distribution of 545 respondents.

In June 2016, voters rejected Measure W – which would have prohibited any outdoor cannabis growing – by 26,383 votes. (59.45% of 44,377 ballots cast)

Approve priorities for the final two CAG meetings

The sole item on the agenda reads: “Presentations regarding Community Advisory Group (CAG) status update and cannabis-related survey results, and request for Board direction regarding CAG recommendation phase. Motion to approve the Priority Topic List for the CAG recommendation phase.”

The priority list outlined in the staff report are divided into A,B and C priorities. The CAG is expected to complete the A and B list.

Priority A items:

  1. Allowed cultivation activities
  2. Location of cultivation activities through land use
  3. Amount of cultivation
  4. Setbacks from sensitive sites (e.g. schools, churches, parks, active bus stops, library, child care center, etc.)
  5. Setbacks from neighbors
  6. Neighborhood security and safety
  7. Nuisance mitigation requirements

Priority B items:

  • Limiting permit count
  • Personal cultivation requirements
  • Transition program
  • Permit tier/ layering with zoning and parcel size
  • Residence requirement

Priority C items:

County staff will provide recommendations when the ordinance is drafted or these topics will be tabled for a later discussion. CAG input on these topics has been collected and will be used by staff as applicable.

  • Permitting requirements and process
  • Commercial activities other than cultivation
  • Taxation / revenue
  • Enforcement
  • Additional Code Requirements

The BOS meeting will start at 9:00 am in the Board Chambers at the Rood Center.