November 26, 2016 – I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you love and took a little time to reflect on our many blessings.  I am very grateful for the support you have given me over the years as we worked to shape MMJ policy in Nevada County.

So it’s really hard to recognize that the time has come to shutter ASA.  I will continue to fight for your interests, but will now focus on our educational series, my radio show, “The Cannabis Crusades,” and community service projects.

I will continue to send out newsletters to keep you informed on changes in the law and hope to be included on the permanent Stakeholder’s Committee to help form a reasonable cultivation ordinance. I’d really like to finish the work I started four decades ago!

By the way, it appears the BoS does not plan to include ANYONE from the MMJ community on the new panel.  If that matters to you, I suggest contacting your Supervisor to request that the panel be evenly divided between MMJ advocates and other community representatives.

Please feel free to call anytime (530-270-9273) if you have a question or need assistance with a legal situation. And don’t forget that the heinous cultivation fines kick in starting January 1st so please take care and be safe.  Your wellbeing is my highest concern!

So again, thank you all so much for your support in this epic battle we have undertaken as we and continue to fight for our right to cultivate our medicine in peace.

I love and appreciate you all very much!