November 14, 2016 – So this is what a revolution looks like in America. Both parties have been served notice that the people are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Hillary was their chosen candidate, voters be damned. Despite running against one of the most flawed candidates ever, Hillary could not convince enough voters in swing states that things would change for the better under her leadership.

Hillary ran on social and moral issues, but people voted with their pocketbooks. She ignored Bill’s wise assessment when he ran for president that “It’s the economy, stupid.”

The looming rate increases for the ACA defeated her as much as any issue. Not placing caps on insurers or pharmaceutical companies has resulted in obscene price hikes that placed the profits of insurance companies ahead of the needs of working families. Many people find that providers won’t take new patients or their deductibles are so high, they can’t use their insurance when they need it.

Hillary had everything on her side – the media, President and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and scores of major celebrity endorsers. Some even say that she had the RNC behind her.

However, the Republicans should not think this election is a mandate for them. Seventeen establishment candidates were systematically rejected by voters. You could say Trump ran as an Independent candidate who has brought both parties to their knees.

This is an excellent opportunity for the Democratic Party to return to their roots – being staunch advocates for the working class. I’ve been a Democrat for 50 years and I’ve watched my party drift to the right thanks to the “triangulation” efforts of Bill Clinton. Following the Reagan Revolution, the DNC’s attitude has been “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Worse, the DNC lost its soul when they decided they must take corporate donations to run a competitive campaign against the Republicans. I’ve watched as our policies moved toward supporting corporate interests at the expense of the working class and this election is a sharp rebuke of those positions.

The hubris of the DNC in “selecting” Hillary as the party’s chosen candidate has led to one of the most catastrophic losses imaginable. Another round like this and the DNC will have the status of a third-party political organization. The fact that no establishment candidate would even enter the primary was foolish. The primary process is supposed to allow the people to select the candidate that most closely represents their interests. They did not count on Bernie Sanders. Bernie captured the mood of the electorate and

enthusiasm for his candidacy caused enough people to reregister to the Democratic Party that Nevada County has turned blue for the first time in decades. He recognized that people are hurting. He saw that things have not improved for the middle class under Democratic leadership despite glowing job reports from the administration. No one is excited at minimum wage jobs replacing good paying factory jobs.

So now we have a President Trump, a Republican controlled House and Senate, and soon, the Supreme Court – the exact opposite outcome the Democrats expected. The Republicans also hold the majority of governorships and state houses. I did not support this Democratic goal precisely because I don’t think a one party system is healthy for the country. It is time to rebuild the party from the bitter ashes of defeat. If the DNC is smart, they will adopt Bernie’s platform in word AND deed going forward. Maybe Elizabeth Warren can carry the banner in 2020?

This election has been so contentious that some former friends and even family members have stopped speaking to each other. I hope we can set aside our differences and pull together for the good of the country because if you listen dispassionately, you will hear that most of us are asking for the same things – good jobs, a roof over our heads, health, and security.

To all of Hillary’s disappointed supporters I offer my condolences. I know how much it hurts to lose when you put your heart and soul into a candidate or position. To all of Trump’s supporters, I offer congratulations and hope you keep his feet to the fire to deliver on his promise to rebuild our infrastructure and create good paying jobs