December 14, 2016 – On December 14th, 2016 an autopsy was performed on the decedent, James Paul Scola. The results of the autopsy revealed that Scola was struck several times with what appeared to be handgun caliber bullets. The autopsy further revealed that the fatal wound Scola suffered was actually “self-inflicted” from a shotgun.

The preliminary investigation into the shooting has revealed Scola was, in fact, known to the residents at the home where the shooting took place. Just prior to the shooting, Scola was engaged in a heated verbal argument with one of the residents. After walking away for a brief period, Scola reportedly returned and broke into the residence armed with a shotgun. Moments later another resident of the home, fearing for his life and others in the home, fired multiple handgun rounds at Scola. Besides Scola, there were two adults and a juvenile inside the home at the time of the shooting, all of whom were uninjured.

The exact details of why Scola went to the home and what precipitated the argument and resultant shooting are being withheld at this time until Sheriff’s Investigators have had a chance to examine all the evidence and evaluate the witnesses’ statements obtained thus far.