PENN VALLEY, Calif. September 9, 2017 – Penn Valley Fire has been doing our part to support fires elsewhere in the state this summer. To date we have deployed personnel to the following incidents;

  • Single Fireline Paramedic for 1 week to the Minerva Fire in the Plumas Forest
  • Fireline Paramedic and EMT partner the Eclipse Complex fire in the Klamath Forest for 14 days
  • Strike Team Leader for the Nevada County strike team that went to the Ponderosa Fire on the 29th of August, then reassigned to the Salmon Complex Fires on the 6th of September and they remain there as of the 9th. Strike Team trainee from NCC fire, and engines from NCC, Higgins, Rough and Ready, Ophir Hill and Peardale Chicago Park.
  • We sent an Engine during the early stages of the Pleasant Fire in North San Juan on the 30th of August that was released back on the 1st of September.
  • We sent an Engine with three personnel as part of a task force to the Railroad Fire in Mariposa County on the 3rd and they remain assigned to that incident as of the 9th. Task Force Leader is from Peardale Chicago Park Fire, Water tenders from Ophir Hill and Mosquito Fire, Engines from Penn Valley, Visalia and Woodlake Fire.

As a note, the Fireline Paramedics are requested to emergency incidents where the possibility of injuries is significant especially in remote parts areas wildland fire. They carry a compliment of emergency medications, heart monitor and defibrillator and other lifesaving equipment in backpacks. They may be assigned to a specific location or may be embedded with hand crews, engine crews and other areas inaccessible. At times, they may be flown into remote areas and provide medical care to firefighters.

The Penn Valley stations remain fully staffed during these deployments.