Photographers will be taking photos of Nevada City and Grass Valley during the week of Feb 3 – 11 as part of a photography challenge sponsored by the Nevada County Camera Club. 

Nevada County Camera Club Members Grace Farag and Mike Oitzman Participate in Photo Challenge
Nevada County Camera Club Members Grace Farag and Mike Oitzman Participate in Photo Challenge. Photo by Ann Westling

“If you see photographers in your neighborhood at odd hours during February 3-11, chances are they are participating in this challenge,” explained Kathy Triolo, Chair of  ‘Creative Visions – A Photo Challenge’ exhibit. This is the 5th year we have conducted the competition to encourage members to expand their creativity while capturing the many moods of Nevada County,” stated Triolo.

Participants are restricted to taking photos in a specific area in western Nevada County, selected for them at random during February 3 – 11.  “All photographers will be carrying identification and a photo challenge card.   Please feel free to ask them for their credentials if you are concerned,” continued Triolo.

For this event, photographers are encouraged to be more imaginative; to try new techniques and to find new perspectives.  

Using early morning or evening light, creating composite photos and creating multiple exposures are all encouraged. 

The resulting photos will then be exhibited and judged by local professional photographers. 

The exhibit will be hosted by Courtyard Suites in Grass Valley from April 1 – 30 as a part of Photography Month.  

“We are quite pleased to celebrate again with Courtyard Suites in this exhibit and look forward to a fun and imaginative show,” continued Triolo. 

Note: Photography Month is a region-wide celebration of photographic art reaching across communities and bringing people together.  It was initiated by Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento.  In Nevada County it is being celebrated with a variety of exhibits and photo walks from March through May. 

What:  Creative Visions – a Photo Challenge

Organization:  Nevada County Camera Club

Photo Shoot in NC/GV: Feb 3 – 11

Exhibit Host:  Courtyard Suites, Grass Valley, 210 N Auburn St, Grass Valley

Exhibit:  April 1-30

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