April 2, 2023 – After almost 11 years of envisioning, building and running Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co, the current owners, Dave Cowie & Shana Maziarz are excited to share that they are selling the business to four of their very experienced employees.

Sean Dockery, Hayley Evans, Nate Evans, Whitney Shinn, Shana Maziarz and Dave Cowie
Sean Dockery, Hayley Evans, Nate Evans, Whitney Shinn, Shana Maziarz and Dave Cowie

Co-owner Shana Maziarz said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled that these four amazing folks will be taking over at the helm of Three Forks. They are all so competent and dedicated and committed to the vision of Three Forks. We feel such confidence that Three Forks will be in very good hands and continue to serve our community the highest quality food and beer and an inviting place to gather, in addition to being a great place to work”.

The foursome buying Three Forks are current and former employees with a very long history at Three Forks and the skills to run the restaurant, bakery & brewery. Two of the four, are the current managers and have been so for eight and nine years, respectively.

Sean Dockery is the Head Chef and will continue to create the menus, work with local farms and manage the culinary vision of Three Forks.

Hayley Evans, the current Front of House Manager, will become the General Manager and will continue to bring her wit and strong customer service focus to the operations.

Whitney Shinn has been a lead baker for the past seven years and is intimate with all aspects of the bakery operations, including making the croissants for the past few years. She will take charge of the bakery team and bring her strong vision and creativity to continuing to offer the best baked goods in town.

Nate Evans was the former Assistant Brewer at Three Forks and went on to work at three other breweries, including two as Head Brewer.

Co-owner and Brewer, Dave Cowie said, “Nate is an awesome and excellent brewer and since leaving and working at other breweries has acquired knowledge and experience in the brewing world that far exceeds my own”.

Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co will retain the same name and will continue to source local ingredients and support the community in the ways that makes it the community hub it is. It is expected that the transition will take 60-90 days, and that the process will be seamless. The current owners express deep gratitude for all of the support from the community over the last 9 years.