NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 27, 2018 – Yesterday, a smoke report from Banner Mountain alerted dispatch to a possible vegetation fire in Greenhorn Creek drainage area. A full wildland dispatch was sent to deal with the threat at 4:21 pm.

Air Attack 230 and Tanker 88 were airborne and circling over the smoke in minutes. The report by Air Attack on the conditions was good news – only a small fire with little growth potential.

Due to the access difficulties for the engines, a retardant drop was the quickest way to take the heat out of the fire and slow its growth potential even more. Watch as Tanker 88 executes the precision manoeuver.

Firefighters on the ground fully contained the fire at 5:01 pm and began mop-up operations. The final fire size was 0.1 acres and the cause is under investigation.

Thanks to Art Jenkins for sharing this video with us.

YouTube video