Beale AFB, California –Prescribed burning is scheduled for June 24th, 2023 on Beale Air Force Base Behind housing.

The intention of this prescribed burn is to reduce hazardous and flammable fuels around the Beale AFB housing area.

Prescribed burn operations will begin when areas come within prescriptive levels that meet the objectives of the prescribed fire plan.  The Air Force will only initiate the burns with favorable weather conditions including humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction and moisture in the vegetation.  Fire crews conduct small test fires before igniting the larger area to verify how effectively vegetation (fuels) will be consumed to ensure the burn and smoke management objectives can be met.  Beale’s Air Quality Manager and Wildland Fire & Fuels Specialist work diligently with Air Quality Management Districts to minimize smoke impacts to the residents and surrounding communities.   

During active firing operations, fire personnel and vehicles working in these vicinities will be visible to the public.  Motorists are reminded to slow down and drive with heightened caution when passing through active project areas.