TRUCKEE, Calif. October 31, 2017 – The Truckee Ranger District’s prescribed fire yesterday went well, they were able to burn 46 acres.

They plan on burning another 40-80 acres today, October 31st, near Sagehen Creek on HWY 89 North, west of the highway. This will only take place as long as weather, fuel conditions, and smoke dispersal remains favorable.

Predicted weather forecasts over the week is for a more wet and cold weather pattern.

This prescribed fire has been planned for several years however they have not been able to implement due to weather conditions or resource availability.

Remember, we live in a fire dependent ecosystem. If we control when and where fires are ignited, we will reduce the threat of a wildfire because the fuel is no longer available to burn. These planned prescribed fires will help reduce wildfires if enough of it is accomplished over the landscape.