Pictured above left to right: Danise Rasmussen, Dylan Raley, Emma Carey, Youth Nexus members.

November 14, 2016 – Friday Night Live/Club Live is an extracurricular program that is a partnership between local schools and Nevada County Public Health. The program works towards building positive and healthy youth development and engaging youth as active leaders. Youth leaders work with adult advisors to change peer attitudes and beliefs about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use by developing positive activities, community service and social action projects.

In October, Public Health staff and three students from Ready Springs Club Live attended the North Valley Youth Development Summit in Chico. At the Summit, the Ready Springs chapter group representatives were awarded a $250 mini-grant by Youth Nexus, Butte County’s youth philanthropy council, for the purpose of implementing on-campus activities. During this two-day conference youth participants learned about leadership, advocacy and how to improve their school climate using principles of environmental prevention. In addition, participants also learned how to use those skills to put projects into action in their schools and communities.

Ready Springs Club Live Leadership Team members Danise Rasmussen, Emma Carey and Dylan Raley participated in various team-building activities during the conference, including a decoy mission facilitated by agents with the Alcohol and Beverage Control that focused on merchants checking ID’s and not selling alcohol to underage buyers.

For more information about Friday Night Live/Club Live, contact Lina Hjord, Health Education Specialist, at Nevada County Public Health, at (530) 265-7018 or lina.hjord@co.nevada.ca.us.