Nevada County – CalFIRE has confirmed twenty-two homes were destroyed by the Lobo and McCourtney fires in Nevada County this week, as well as numerous outbuildings.

As the fire fighters are gaining ground on stopping further destruction, the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services is preparing to assist those who lost their homes. Residents who know their home was destroyed, or who want to find out if their home was damaged by the fires, are encouraged to call the County at (530)265-1218 after Thursday morning at 9:00am to start the recovery process.

County staff answering this line will be able to confirm if an address is on our list of affected properties.

In addition, property owners will be asked for contact information and other basic questions in order to provide additional information directly back to affected residents as it becomes available.

In addition, information will continue to be updated on the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services social media sites and at