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NEVADA CITY, Calif. December 16, 2016 – The Nevada County BOS recognized Steve Castleberry during Tuesday’s meeting. Castleberry retires at the end of the year, after close to eight years with Nevada County.

His fellow department heads presented him with a functioning Galileo thermometer – a whimsical nod to Steve’s engineering background.

Castleberry thanked his staff and coworkers, pointing to their accomplishments and expressed his confidence in the department’s growing efficiency.

The BOS resolution reads as follows:

“The Nevada County Board of Supervisors takes great pleasure in recognizing Steve Castleberry, Director of Public Works, on his retirement.

Steve joined Nevada County in May of 2008 as a Senior Civil Engineer, later advancing to Principal Engineer, and then becoming the Public Works Director in April of 2012. Steve led the department with distinction and steered Public Works through several transitions including integrating into the Community Development Agency (CDA). During the recent uncertain financial times of the Great Recession, Steve led Public Works through a period of declining transportation funding while maintaining a high level of service in the County. Since 2012, the County received more than $32 million dollars in state and federal funds as a result of Steve’s determination to fund road safety improvements.

Nevada County was one of the first agencies to successfully install a revolutionary High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) skid resistant pavement surface to significantly reduce the number of collisions at high incident curve locations. Nevada County was also the first county to complete a Road Safety and Signing Audit project to identify and resolve roadway safety signage deficiencies that now acts as a template for other agencies to follow. Steve’s leadership allowed the County to successfully compete for numerous roadway improvement projects that County residents utilize every day. Nevada County’s annual collision rates are among the lowest of any rural county in California as a result of Steve’s efforts. Steve’s cooperative philosophy extends beyond the County, by working collaboratively with other city and state organizations. Steve also regularly provides guidance and assistance for other Public Works Directors and other agency officials interested in improving rural roadway safety.

Steve always had an open door policy for any employee in Public Works. He provided guidance and support for his staff through contentious projects, reorganizations, and difficult economic times. Steve’s calm demeanor, sense of humor, and genuinely caring attitude made him very approachable and appreciated by his staff. Steve has been a genuinely supportive Supervisor to staff and helped facilitate a team environment among his various divisions.

Steve’s plan was to retire in June, but he agreed to postpone retirement until December 2016. This demonstrates Steve’s commitment to the agency, department, and County, and we appreciated Steve’s flexibility allowing for a smooth transition. Steve has proven to be a valuable member of CDA and County management team and will be missed.

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors congratulates and thanks Steve for his more than 8 years of service and dedication to the Board and citizens of Nevada County, and wishes him a long, healthy, and rewarding retirement.”

Trisha Tillotson, former Grass Valley Senior Civil Engineer/Deputy Director of Public Works, will take over as Public Works Director.

Happy retirement Steve!