Rough and Ready, Calif. July 1, 2023 – Starting today, Rough and Ready Fire Station 59 is fully staffed. Penn Valley Fire Protection District and Nevada County Consolidated Fire District, through a co-operative staffing agreement, provide 24/7 coverage for area residents.

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The Grass Valley Emergency Command Center (ECC) announced the event at 8:00 am: “Grass Valley with a message to all Nevada County cooperators, Rough and Ready Fire Station 59 now fully staffed through a joint operation.” The simple announce made it official and firefighters, board members and residents were on hand to raise the flag at the station.

Bruce Stephenson, the Chair of the Annexation Committee and Penn Valley Fire Board Chair, has this message for western Nevada County residents:

Thanks to the hard work of the Annexation committee, the Rough & Ready Fire Board, the Penn Valley Fire Board, Consolidated Fire Board, Supervisor Sue Hoek and S.R. Jones (LAFCO), the U.S. flag was hoisted and a new shift of firefighters began their duty to serve the public.

A special thanks goes out to Fire Chief Don Wagner (PVFD) and Fire Chief Jason Robitaille (NCCFD) for all their hard work in helping to put together this co-operative staffing agreement. Both Fire Chiefs went above and beyond their normal work duties.

The citizens of western Nevada County can feel proud of the work these fire departments, Nevada County, and LAFCO put in to avert a major catastrophe, not only for fire response and medical issues, but also for homeowners [and their fire insurance.]

Thank you everyone,

Bruce Stephenson

Rough and Ready residents were at risk of losing not just their fire department, but the implications for homeowners’ insurance were equally dire. Thanks to the joint staffing, emergency services are fully available and this is the first step in a possible reorganization of Penn Valley, Rough and Ready and Nevada County Consolidated into one fire district.

Welcome back, Station 59.